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Name:Amelia Beauclerc
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We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be. – Kurt Vonnegut

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. – Voltaire

i'm in slytherin!

A proper diagnosis

Fandoms: Harry Potter, Generation Kill, Inception, Teen Wolf, Homicide: Life on the Street, X-Men:First Class, Grimm, Hemlock Grove

My Harry/Draco fic index is at but_malfoy. (Moving a copy to DW (here).

My main work at the moment is an indexing project at but_malfoy. The goal, eventually is to index all H/D fics by title, author and kinks without using tags. Why? Because I want to.

Resources here.
Winners banners Here

I work in a bookshop and own over 2500 books. You can check out my library at LibraryThing.

Seven things about me:
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite spell: Legimens or Sectumsempra, depending on my mood.
Favourite potion ingredient: Aconite
Favourite artists: Francis Bacon, J.W. Waterhouse, Yoshitomo Nara, Edward Gorey, Paul FR Hamilton
Favourite drinks: Water, Coffee, ice cold beer with lime, Cosmopolitans
Favourite sound: Silence
Favourite curse word: Fuck!

Dislikes:18: bad grammar, blue, censorship, chocolate, comedy, crowds, doing the dishes, harry/hermione, humidity, ignorance, intollerance, needles, newspapers, normality, rubeus hagrid, rules, stupid people, waking up

Interests (133):

aaron hotchner, absinthe, alessandro conti, alexander mcqueen, alexander skarsgård, amelia pond, amy pond, andre gide, archiving, artemis fowl, arthur rimbaud, arthur/eames, beauchamp day, ben sherman, benjamin justice, bent, books, boys in skirts, brad colbert, brian molko, brideshead revisited, brittany pierce, burt hummel, camilla Åkrans, casey afleck, charlotte gainsbourg, christopher marlowe, christopher rice, cormack mccarthy, criminal minds, david simon, donna tartt, dr watson, dr. tony hill, draco malfoy, draco/artemis, edgar allan poe, edwardian slang, eric northman, federico garcía lorca, film theory, francis abernathy, francis bacon, francis renaud, frank pembleton, friedrich nietzsche, gabriel allon, generation kill, george mcfly, gothic horror, greg araki, gus van sant, hart crane, hedi slimane, heikki salonen, henry james, henry winter, higgs particles, homicide: life on the street, inception, james ransone, jared leto, jasper hale, jean cocteau, jeffrey kurland, jim grimsley, john connolly, john cooper, john frobisher, joseph gordon levitt, joshua dagon, joshua jackson, jude law, klaus hargreeves, les enfant terribles, liddell and scott, lie to me, lisbeth salander, louis and angel, lucius malfoy, marion cotillard, method, michel foucault, montgomery clift, my own private idaho, mysterious skin, neil mccormick, parseltongue, paul f.r. hamilton, peter capaldi, placebo, poppy z brite, potions, quinn fabray, rentboys, richard siken, road movies, santana lopez, sarcasm, scorpius malfoy, scott caan, sectumsempra, semiotics, severus snape, sherlock holmes, siegfried sassoon, sleep, slytherin, southland, spencer reid, steampunk, steve/danny, strangers, subtext, sunshine, the dreamers, the fatal flaw, the oresteia, the secret history, the umbrella academy, theodore nott, thure lindhardt, tim bayliss, tim roth, tollerance, tom ford, tom hardy, tom spanbauer, virology, wilfred owen, william s burroughs, wuthering heights, ww1 poetry
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